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As Configured: $148k

Fully Customized: $145-200k



NEW 2023  Mercedes SPRINTER 170 awd.

A Complete Build w/ customization options!

We are excited to offer The Chameleon!

Our Chameleon build represents the perfect foundation for your customization.

Customize the van with our help and take delivery within a month - buy it as is as a DIY build with all the hard work done - or anything in between.

Customization Options:

Systems & Components

  • Expandable Lithium Battery Bank (up to 1200ah)

  • Hight Output Second Alternator/Solar

  • Integrated Espar Heating System

  • Exterior: Racks, Awnings, Storage, Lighting

  • Performance: Suspension, Wheels & Tires, Towing

  • Hot Water Heater

  • DOT approved passenger Seating


  • 4x5x3h' of open garage storage for bikes, SUPs, Snow Gear

  • Rooftop Decks & Grills

  • Rack Storage and Mounting

  • Yoga Platforms

  • Outdoor Wash - Second Sprayer w/hot water or roof mount solar shower

Dog Specific

  • Crates - Up to 6 large, 7+ medium, or 10+ small 

  • Garage for Xpens, dollies, folding crates, XL gear

  • Commercial BlowDryers

  • Grooming Tables

  • Secondary Restraints and Confinement

  • Second Freezer - Feed Raw on the Road!

  • Remote Temperature Monitoring

  • Battery Powered AC

If you'd like to lock down this van and get to work on customizing it to your needs today, or just have questions, give us a call (305 975 9005) or send an email to (  If you're interested in a full custom RDV build please fill out our questionnaire but also don't hesitate to reach out. Whether you're interested in the Chameleon or a fully custom  build, everything begins with you telling us a little bit more about your dream build.  We look forward to talking with you!

*If you choose to purchase and customize this van, the process would follow the full custom build process, but with the van ready to hit the road as-is, estimated turnaround for customization would be 1-2 weeks.

**Van is currently located at our shop in Jacksonville, FL


The Chameleon Includes ($148,000 as configured):

  • 400ah Victron Lithium Power System (expandable to 1200ah)

  • AC - 9.5k btu, Maxxfan 7500, and VWD Bunk Slider Windows

  • Queen Bed that creates a large 'Garage' 

  • Full Kitchen (Fridge, Microwave, Full-size Sink)

  • Vitrifrigo C85x Fridge/Freezer

  • Bathroom with shower & toilet (in bench convertible)

  • Full Insulation/Walls/Ceiling/Lux Vinyl Flooring

  • Lighting and Pre-Wiring for every conceivable customization

  • RDV Airline Style Upper Cabinets (full wraparound)

  • Swivel Seats

  • 48x60x32h" of free garage space for customization





  • Bath - Showers, Cassette/Compost Toilets, Modular to Full Bathroom

  • Bench seating w/ storage, w/ modular shower basin

  • Work Stations for Creators

  • Lagun Tables w/ multiple docking for working, eating, food prep

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