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1) Fill out the Road Dog Vans brief questionnaire on the Contact page to provide details of what you'd like in your van and the way you'll use it. 

2) Road Dog Vans will review the answers to your questionnaire and reach out to discuss your requirements and the process we use to convert vans.

3) We sign a Design and Scheduling Agreement and request a design fee (applied against a build if you choose us to complete the conversion).

4) Together we work through all the details of your design down to color, wood finishes, and the best arrangements for all your chosen amenities.

5) With a design agreed upon, we finalize the build contract.  60% of the build price is typically due at signing and the remaining 40% throughout the build, with 10% due at van delivery.

Builds can take anywhere from 3-5 months depending on complexity.

Prices for a complete build range from 60 - 100k depending on technology and finishes.

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