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Recent Builds

Welcome to our Projects page where we showcase some of our recent builds!  We invite you to check out the galleries below to get a taste of our design aesthetic, dog specific features, and build quality.  Also, be sure to visit the 'Experience' gallery which is a collection of images featuring the depth of our experience building vans specifically for dog and their pursuits!


This custom built Sprinter 170 was commissioned by 3 Portuguese Water Dogs - Magoo, Mystery & Miss Millie. They were looking for a refined rig to travel the Eastern US in pursuit of their favorite dog activities... agility, field trials, and conformation to name a few!

When Caring Ways Veterinary was looking to build a mobile clinic with a receiving/lounge area, we were thrilled that they chose us for the build.  Built on a Sprinter 170 Chassis, this is one of our most highly customized and rewarding builds to date. Knowing it is going to be used in the service of all those Tucson area pets is icing on the cake!


Built for a discriminating pack out of the ATL, this rig included airline style walnut uppers along with counter and lagoon table, color matched TNC Crates, a kitchen with miles of counter top, a tourig bunker basin shower, a rear shower/sprayer, hot water heater, Espar Heater, 600ah Lithium bank, Topo 2 Lift Kit, Rhino Sequoia wheels and upgraded Cooper All-terrains and PHEW!!! ...that's not quite comprehensive but you get the idea. One sweet ride!

Four Irish Water Spaniels walk into a van shop: 'You just built a killer van for our IWS friends in CT.  We want ours to be mostly like theirs except purple.  No silly, we don't mean that shy mainstream gray purple.  We want PURPLE!

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