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Custom Crates

Size, Configuration, Venting, Accessories

We partner with TNC Crates for all of our built-in custom crates.  They allow us to design all dimensions to the 1/4 inch including door location and opening direction.  Additionally, clients can select from multiple venting options and TNC provides infinite color matching services to spice things up. 

Innovation & Collaboration

Double Crate - Single Door

From our earliest days we kept running into one challenge again and again in our van design.  The space under the bed was perfect for two crates, but kitchens, other crates and benches made the aisle too narrow for two doors.  So we put our heads together with the designers at TNC and developed a double crate with a single face door and an internal sliding locking divider wall.  The innovation allows loading of two dogs into separate crates through a single door and we use it can be found in most of our vans.


Pioneers In Battery Powered AC

1200 ah Lithium Victron System

This electrical system was designed for 5 Ridgebacks that travel all over the country to dog shows.  It is our highest capacity battery bank to date and in combination with the super efficient Mabru 12 volt Air Conditioner provides 10-12 hours+ of battery powered AC.

Veterinary Receiving Lounge

Pet Scale w/ Flip Up Bench

We snuck a full size digital vet scale under a custom bench with flip up seat to allow animals standing access to the scale.  We also included medical grade seamless Altro flooring front to back.  To add a touch of lux to the lounge/receiving area we used leatherette for the cushions and did an epoxy inlay of the clients logo in the hardwood cherry doors!


Mobile Vet Clinic

AKA 'the Reverse Mullet'

We built a fully functional vet clinic in the back of this Sprinter 170 complete with sink, bar flip counter for separation, microscope, centrifuge and a second fridge/freezer for medicines.  We like to refer to this build as our 'Reverse Mullet' cause:: Party in the front, procedures in the back.

Microscope & Recessed Centrifuge

The clinic included a permanently mounted microscope alongside the recessed centrifuge with drop-in lid.


Bump Stops & Leaf Springs

Minimizing Dog Motion Sickness

We added bump stops and leaf springs to a build in order to stiffen up the rear of a transit, minimizing sway for a dog prone to motion sickness.

Topo 2 Lift Kit

Rhino Sequoia Wheels

We provided a lift and upgraded wheels and a more aggressive tire to this 2023 Transit.  The client requested this to be sure they could easily navigate muddy field trial sites and wherever their camping adventures found them.  Also it just looks cool!


Whippet Grooming Table

Project Name

This 2023 Transit built for 4 show and performance whippets has a custom grooming table with storage underneath and two silicon mats that get deployed when its time for the dogs to hit the salon.

5 XL Ridgeback Crates

3 High-efficiency Caframo Fan

We did several hours of trial and error to determine the optimal location of the three Caframo Fans.  We were trying to provide direct air to all crates but at the same time maximize circulation.  These fans are one of our favorite ways to take the edge off the heat because of their super efficiency.  Based on our testing, the 1200ah battery system could power these three fans on high for 50 days on one charge.


11 Silky Terriers

Crate Cubbies for removable crates. Extra guest bunk.

The request - 11 silky terriers, three permanent crates with limited outward visibility and 8 cubbies that provide secure locations for 8 portable crates so that they can be removed and carted ringside.  Oh and a second bunk for guests.  We've got it!

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