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The Build Progression - An Overview

A fair number of folks know what they want in their ideal van, but don’t necessarily realize how important it is to follow a specific process to ensure that all of the van design and system elements work successfully together. Remember, vans are small spaces, so ensuring that the space is utilized as efficiently as possible requires that the build proceed in a logical and step-by-step way. As a result, the first part of the build is not the exciting part, where photos will show the progress effectively or make a client really excited. Before the build even begins, the first step is to order the big items that need to be installed first or where lead times from order to delivery may be long (flooring, air conditioners, exhaust fans, rack components, solar panels, awning, certain electrical system components, windows, flare sides, etc.). These components can take as long as four to six weeks to be delivered after the order is placed (and that’s not accounting for the significant impacts we’ve seen due to Covid-19 and some manufacturing facilities being shuttered due to viral outbreaks). In the next blog, we'll start to get into the actual first steps in a typical build (after ordering items)!

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